Join JuliaGraphics org?

I’m thinking that I’d like to move the package Luxor.jl from my personal github to the JuliaGraphics organization. It complements some of the other packages in that org, and could be a useful alternative to Compose.jl and Cairo.jl, which are sometimes more than people need.

Who would I ask and what would I have to do? (There’s no meta location on JuliaGraphics where I could ask.)


Makes sense to me. Anyone with admin access in the org can invite you. I just did. Happy new year!

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Oh, that was easier than I thought! Thanks Tony, and good luck with all the Julia-related excitement this year! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to re-enable various CI services after moving the repo, then submit a PR to metadata changing the url. The github redirects will take care of it in the meantime so the url isn’t time critical, just should be done eventually.