@Maintainer of Julia Graphics

Can anybody from the Julia Graphics team transition the QML binding, please:

Do we know, who has admin rights, and can we ping them? Thanks

To transfer a repository from an individual’s account to an organization requires the individual to be an owner of that organization, if I understand Github’s rules correctly. As @barche is already an owner of JuliaGraphics, I think he can transfer the repository at any time.

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I dont find barche in this list at all.

That’s because you’re not in the organization - his setting is “private”, so non-members can’t see it. I can - he’s three entries above me. But perhaps I shouldn’t be telling you :grinning:


Does the JuliaGraphics organization has a chat channel or something similar?

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no (unless this thread counts :joy:)

Maybe its time for that as well?

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I think it would be useful to have a channel (less public than this) to discuss things, when to make a new release, what to fix and how, how to test things (GUIs are not so easy to test) and to help each other…

I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t do testing on Mac, but others might have it etc…

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And who can open one? I would like to participate. :slight_smile:

Perhaps use Slack: The Julia Language Slack ?

But I guess that it would make more sense if one of the senior members creates a #julia_graphics channel…

Honestly, I would rather use something open source.
This Discourse?
Something similar?
Sadly, the Julia community seems already spread, and I dont intend to spread it even more, otherwise I would have suggested something similar to Matrix, Rocketchat and Mattermost.

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Well, the alternative used by the Julia community would be Sign up | Zulip


Yeah, I know. Between Zulip and Discourse, I prefer Discourse. And I guess this is something, we could simply ask in a poll.

Particularly between the already existing members of said group. What do you think on that?

Perhaps use github discussions for now:


OK, I wrote a post: QML.jl will be joining JuliaGraphics · JuliaGraphics · Discussion #2 · GitHub

Lets see how many people will join… The advantage of course is that everybody has a Github account already and no extra SW is needed…

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@cormullion Is it possible to add custom labels, e.g. QML ?

We are currently struggling to release the next version, which is something the current maintainer likes to do, before he moves over the project.

If you like to help: Test release 0.14 by barche · Pull Request #368 · JuliaInterop/CxxWrap.jl · GitHub