Packages for Drawing and Graphics

What packages do I use for graphics? I found Cairo.jl and Graphics.jl the latter says it uses the former as a backend, but Graphics.jl is missing a lot of docstrings and looks abandoned.

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using Colors, Compose

petal=[[(0.4, 0.4), (0.4, 0.2), (0.5, 0.0)],[(0.6, 0.2), (0.6, 0.4), (0.5, 0.5)]]
petalf(θ::Float64) = (context(rotation=Rotation(θ, 0.5,0.5)),
    bezigon((0.5, 0.5), petal), fill(LCHuvA(70.,50., 360*θ/2π, 0.4)))

theta = range(π/20, 2π, step=2π/10).-π
img = compose(context(), petalf.(theta)...)



It’s fairly well documented.


Huge thanks to @cormullion for creating Luxor.jl!

Also, if you are curious about making animations of different kinds, check out Javis.jl

Here is an example of a fun animation @ric.cioffi contributed to Javis with!


I can’t find a tutorial or command list in the documentation.

The first example in the tutorial through an error, because it doesn’t recognise rectangle(), not a good sign.

Please provide a mwe, this works for me:

composition = compose(compose(context(), rectangle()), fill("tomato"))
	composition = compose(context(),
        (context(), circle(), fill("bisque")),
        (context(), rectangle(), fill("tomato")))
	composition |> SVG("tomato_bisque.svg")

circle not defined

That example also works for me, please show the error trace.

UndefVarError: circle not defined

top-level scope@Local: 2


I think the circle no recognized, was because I had Luxor loaded. now I get

MethodError: no method matching Compose.SVG(::IOStream, ::Measures.Length{:cx, Int64}, ::Measures.Length{:cy, Int64}, ::Bool, ::Symbol; ownedfile=true, filename="tomato_bisque.svg")

Closest candidates are:

Compose.SVG(::Any, ::Any, ::Any, ::Any, ::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any, !Matched::Any) at /home/brett/.julia/packages/Compose/AeWZ8/src/svg.jl:126 got unsupported keyword arguments "ownedfile", "filename"

Compose.SVG(::IO, !Matched::Measures.AbsoluteLength, !Matched::Measures.AbsoluteLength, ::Bool, ::Symbol; cached_out, id, indentation, property_stack, vector_properties, clippaths, batches, embobj, finished, ownedfile, filename, current_id, has_current_id, id_count, jsheader, jsmodules, scripts, withjs, panelcoords) at /home/brett/.julia/packages/Compose/AeWZ8/src/svg.jl:203

Compose.SVG(::IO, !Matched::Measures.AbsoluteLength, !Matched::Measures.AbsoluteLength, ::Bool) at /home/brett/.julia/packages/Compose/AeWZ8/src/svg.jl:203 got unsupported keyword arguments "ownedfile", "filename"


Compose.SVG(::String, ::Measures.Length{:cx, Int64}, ::Measures.Length{:cy, Int64}, ::Symbol)@svg.jl:274
top-level scope@Local: 5[inlined]

Without an example I can’t tell how you got that error, but using Absolute units works for me:

 composition |> SVG("tomato_bisque.svg", 10cm, 5cm)

Compose.jl and Luxor.jl have different philosophies. Compose.jl is a sophisticated high-level environment for making layouts using declarative graphics, and one of its jobs is to provide a backend for the much-loved Gadfly.jl plotting package. Luxor.jl is designed to be an easy to use procedural wrapper or “scripting language” for the powerful Cairo.jl graphics engine.

So @Mattriks’ elegant Compose.jl example above could be translated into a sequence of simple Luxor.jl instructions:

using Luxor, Colors

Drawing("A4", :svg)
for θ in range(π/20, 2π, step=2π/10) .- π
    setcolor(LCHuvA(70.,50., 360θ/2π, 0.4))
    petal = makebezierpath([O, Point(100, -50), Point(250, 0), 
           Point(250, 0), Point(100, 50)],  smoothing=0.8)
    @layer begin
        drawbezierpath(petal, :fill)

so slightly longer, slightly less “composed”.

Compose.jl will be better for layout-oriented work, particularly if “trees can be defined most tersely using S-expressions” (:arrow_upper_right:) floats your boat. But if you’d prefer to just bash out some simple instructions to get some basic graphics done, Luxor.jl can probably oblige.


Can you see this anywhere?

You need to click one of these first:

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 10.34.30

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Thanks, I found it.