Jobs based on Julia Software

Hello Zussamen
Presently I am studying masters in Mechatrnics.This sem I have choosen to do prject on control theory for which iam using Julia software. I wanted to know how is the job market for this software and which are the companies using this software and hiring the frsheres for those job
Pls give your input regarding these.

There is a “Jobs” category in this forum. You asked in the wrong category.

Apart from PhD positions I know one large company that offers jobs in the field of mechatronics and at least plans to use Julia, not sure how much they use it already, which is ASML. Have a look:


I worked with ASML in the high performance computing group. It is a good company, I would second what @ufechner7 says. Look at the graduate schemes for ASML.


Thank You for your suggestion .I will work on it