Issues with JuMPeR

Hi I have a legacy code in JuMPeR which I’m trying to run with the latest version of JuMP and Julia.
The command setDefaultOracle is not recognized, and I can not find what it was changed to.
Does anybody know what it was changed to? did GeneralGraphOracle change as well?

I also tried to run Pkg.test(“JuMPeR”) and got:
ERROR: LoadError: Some tests did not pass: 1628 passed, 309 failed, 74 errored.
I can send the full report if anyone is maintaining the package

According to its REQUIRE file, JuMPeR is compatible with JuMP 0.14 and no later, while the latest version of JuMP is 0.16. So I wouldn’t expect to run JuMPeR with the latest version of JuMP unless you’re willing to or can find someone willing to update it.

Looking at the commit history, @yeesian has recently made updates to JuMPeR, he may provide more information.

In general, you can use the search bar in github to search for the method/function that you’re trying to call to see when it has changed.

I have not tried it myself, but it seems you might just need to call setDefaultOracle! instead of setDefaultOracle.

JuMP actally reverted to the 0.14 version but it still did not work

Thanks for the tip
I actually tried running the command
setDefaultOracle!(rm, JuMPeR.GeneralGraphOracle())
and got the error:
ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: setDefaultOracle! not defined