Announcement: JuMP 0.16 released

We’re pleased to announce the release of JuMP 0.16. The release has three breaking changes that may affect many users, so keep reading.

  1. JuMP’s method for loading default solvers was a source of confusion and not compatible with Julia 0.6, so we decided to drop it. Not specifying a solver (via either the solver= keyword to Model() or the setsolver() method) before calling solve() is now an error.

  2. As previously announced, user-defined functions are now defined within the scope of a model. Calling JuMP.register without providing a Model object as the first argument will result in an error.

  3. setvalue had some magical behavior for fixed variables which was removed. In order to prevent silent behavior changes, calling setvalue on a fixed variable will result in an error for the time being. Use the new JuMP.fix instead.

See NEWS for a longer list including non-breaking changes. Notably, JuMP is passing tests on Julia 0.6-dev. We are not yet free of deprecation warnings, though (PRs welcome).

Happy JuMPing!