Issue with updating ModelingToolkit and remake command

I am trying to run the following code but I get the following error when I run the remake command at the end:

ERROR: MethodError: Cannot convert an object of type Pair{SymbolicUtils.BasicSymbolic{Real}, Float64} to an object of type Float64

I suspect the reason is the outdated version of ModelingToolkit.jl (current version v8.75.0). However, when I try to update I get the following:

┌ Warning: attempting to remove probably stale pidfile
│ path = “C:\Users\name\.julia\compiled\v1.10\LanguageServer\ite7n_OKxyi.ji.pidfile”
└ @ FileWatching.Pidfile C:\Users\name.julia\juliaup\julia-1.10.2+0.x64.w64.mingw32\share\julia\stdlib\v1.10\FileWatching\src\pidfile.jl:244
Precompiling project…
Progress [> ] 0/1
◓ LanguageServer Waiting for background task / IO / timer. Interrupt to inspect

This issue also affects the update of other packages, such as Catalyst, DiffEqCallbacks, SteadyStateDiffEq, StructuralIdentifiability. How can I resolve this issue?

using DifferentialEquations
using SBMLToolkit
using ModelingToolkit

mdl = readSBML("toy_model_sbml.xml", doc -> begin
    set_level_and_version(3, 2)(doc)

rn = ReactionSystem(mdl);

odesys = convert(ODESystem, rn);

tspan = (0.0, T);
prob = ODEProblem(odesys, Float64[], tspan, Float64[]);

defs = ModelingToolkit.defaults(odesys);
getval(v) = defs[v];
pmap = parameters(odesys) .=> getval.(parameters(odesys));
u0map = states(odesys) .=> getval.(states(odesys));

p = getval.(parameters(odesys));
p[1] = 10.0 ; 

for (idx, param) in enumerate(p)
    pmap[idx] = pmap[idx][1] => param

prob2 = remake(prob; p=pmap, u0=u0map);

Open an issue on ModelingToolkit. We’re almost done with the v9 updates and I think there’s a few stragglers on the remake end that we’re fixing up this week.

Though the current updates would only fix things if they are compatible with Catalyst v13 – otherwise this may require downgrading SciMLBase to an older version before SymbolicIndexingInterface (maybe 2.3?), or waiting for Catalyst v14.