Error with remake function in ODE Problems

Hi everyone,

I am importing an SBML file and try to change the initial condition and remake the problem but I get the following error:

ERROR: ArgumentError: This problem does not support symbolic maps with remake, i.e. it does not have a symbolic origin. Please use remake with the p keyword argument as a vector of values, paying attention to parameter order.

It used to work but does not now. Here is an example of my code:

using SBMLToolkit
using DifferentialEquations, ModelingToolkit
using SBML, Symbolics, Catalyst

mdl = readSBML("sbml_file.xml");

rn = ReactionSystem(mdl);
odesys = convert(ODESystem, rn);

tspan = (0.0, T);
prob = ODEProblem(odesys, Float64[], tspan, Float64[]);

defs = ModelingToolkit.defaults(odesys);
getval(v) = defs[v];
pmap = parameters(odesys) .=> getval.(parameters(odesys));
u0map = states(odesys) .=> getval.(states(odesys));

p = getval.(parameters(odesys));
p[1] = 10.0 ; # change the value of an initial condition to 10.0

for (idx, param) in enumerate(p)
    pmap[idx] = pmap[idx][1] => param
prob2 = remake(prob; p=pmap, u0=u0map)