Issue updating package

I tried to go to the url given on the help pages for JuliaHub (Contribute · JuliaHub which points to the registrator page: JuliaHub) to update a package that I have had on the repository for several months now. I got a “404 - This page does not exist or you lack permission to access it.” I had previously used this link successfully about 3 weeks ago.

I see that the JuliaHub page changed recently. How can I input the package information into the JuliaHub page? Do I need to get verified somehow or is this a transient message?

Edit: I’m having trouble signing into the JuliaLang Slack as well where I imagine I could sort this out or see if someone else is having this issue. It says that the email I want to use is not registered in the Slack, but I can’t sign up without that. Yikes. Help?

Found out where to go is now here: JuliaHub

And click “Register Package”