Issue registering package dependencies


Recently my team released the initial version of our package for analyzing curricula, and we’ve found that users are not able to correctly install it via Pkg.add. They end up with errors regarding dependencies.

I looked into this and noticed that our Deps.toml in the general registry is missing quite a few dependencies. Below are the links to our Manifest.toml, Project.toml, and REQUIRE files as of the released version. I’m confused why some of the deps were grabbed, but others were not. Do we have something incorrectly configured?

Links: Manifest.toml, Project.toml, REQUIRE

Here is the entire project as of the release version:

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

The current registration process uses REQUIRE so you should copy the dependencies in your Project.toml to include those in REQUIRE (do not include standard libraries). The Deps.TOML generated in General is based on the REQUIRE for now. The Manifest.toml is not used in the process.

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