Is there any way to improve the start time of Juno

The time of running the first line of Julia code in Juno is quite long. During the waiting time, it shows “INFO: Loading HttpServer methods…”. Is there any way to make the first run faster. Thanks

Juno cycles different processes so that way there’s one already waiting if you kill the process.

Can one tell Juno to also start loading some packages? Just the Julia startup file maybe? Or maybe there could be a local Juno startup file?

Everything in .juliarc.jl is executed whenever a new Julia process is started, while everything in .junorc.jl is executed once the julia process is connected to Atom.

Juno boots much faster on 0.7 for me (typically in less than 5 seconds on a pretty old laptop for me).


Out of curiosity, given that starting out Juno prints loading HttpServer methods, how can Juno work on 0.7 when HttpServer does not? Did the dependency become unnecessary?

Yeah, Juno won’t depend on Blink.jl anymore, so we’re dropping a couple of big dependencies (which dramatically improves load times).


Thank you so much! Waiting for the new version.

I have updated to the new version and the speed is still similar. Hope it could be quick using Julia 0.7. Thanks for your efforts!

Right, it’s only faster on Julia 0.7.

This should be much better now that the new version is out and works on Julia 1.0. Let me know how it goes!

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