Is there any package for creating multi-column output?

I’m trying to implement a show function that displays a list of strings. Because the strings are short and there are many of them, it isn’t making very good use of the screen. So I’m thinking about a text formatting function that takes the list and convert it into a multi-column display by utilizing the screen width as much as possible.

I’m wondering if there’s a package like that already so I don’t reinvent the wheel?

So it would turn something like this:

1: string1
2: string2
3: string3
100: string100


1: string1        26: string26        51: string51        76: string76
2: string1        27: string26        52: string51        77: string76
3: string1        28: string26        53: string51        78: string76
25: string25      50: string26        75: string51        100: string76

There’s a package now :wink: