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When I use a feature like print, or enter the name of a table, it shows an abridged table. Is there a way to show a complete table. I’d like to be able to cut and paste.

repr might work.

no that was just a mess may work

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Have you tried BrowseTables.jl? I think the open_html_table(df) command from that package is great and might work for you. It shows a full table in the browser. You can then select all and copy into other programs, like MS Word or Powerpoint.

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I could do that, I used

julia> using DisplayAs
[ Info: Precompiling DisplayAs [0b91fe84-8a4c-11e9-3e1d-67c38462b6d6]

julia> Test_contingency |> DisplayAs.Unlimited

And it worked except the formating sucks when I transfered to word.

I’ve tried using write.xlsx and write.csv, but I haven’t had success with either one.

Check out PrettyTables.jl. It has very flexible options for printing almost any kind of tabular data. The defaults will print truncated data but there are keyword arguments that will let you print anything and also to eliminate dividers between columns.

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OK sure, I actually just emailed the guy that wrote PrettyTables.jl