Is there any demonstration project somewhere?

Hi all
Is there any demonstration project somewhere?
I want to create my first opinion about Julia, so I want to study any well documented, small, simple, complete app with UI, with reading and writing files, including doc about building and distributing complete app to user.
IMHO this is the best way how to get to know the new system.
Thanks in advance.

For example, there is the Example.jl package.

Once you start talking about a “UI” and “reading and writing files”, then it depends on what kind of UI you’re talking about (most Julia packages are designed as libraries, not standalone GUI apps, though the latter are possible too), and what kind of files you want to read and write.


Maybe Stefan Karpinski’s Cards.jl (GitHub - StefanKarpinski/Cards.jl: A package for representing hands of cards (quite compactly))