Is there a possibility of transcoding QNDF?

I am currently working on a **C++**project that requires solving large rigid differential equations. I have learned that QNDF in OrdinariDiffEq.jl is very good at it. Is it possible to complete code conversion based on open source code in a short period of time?

TLDR no. If you’re stuck in C++, your best bet is probably Sundials.
QNDF by itself isn’t too much code, but the big problem is that writing a good stiff solver requires also writing a custom nonlinear solver with a lot of special bits to make it actually work for the ODE.

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Thank you for your answer. I will consider it.

Thanks for your suggestions, but I understand that the function of CxxWrap.jl is to call C++ code in Julia.
Are you saying the opposite?

No, you are correct — that was an AI spam chatbot spreading bad information along with a spam link. I’ve deleted the post and banned the user.

This is why we can’t have nice things…