C++Now Julia talk and tutorial

Hi all,

@Keno and I gave a talk about using C++ from Julia at C++Now 2018. The video is now online:

Some tutorial files are available here:


@barche you might want to see

and its explanation:


to explain why Julia can actually do C-calls to a shared library faster the C itself. I think something like this is what you’re seeing in your benchmarks and it’s not a fluke.

@Keno, can I get that Quaternion code that you showed there? I wanna throw it into DiffEq and see how many steps it takes for a C+±defined quaternion to work inside of the diffeq solvers. That might be a cool blog post.


I’m pretty sure it was this one: http://www.ncsa.illinois.edu/People/kindr/emtc/quaternions/quaternion.c++. I haven’t done too much work on using Cxx in tight loops though, so you may be disappointed by the performance.