Accessing ode methods from MATLAB

Hi All,

I’d like to know if there is a way to access the ode method QNDF() from MATLAB.

I would look into MATLAB.jl

but there is a native solver in julia which can be found in the DifferentialEquation.jl ecosystem.

Recently also an improvement on the solver was published.

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He’s asking for the other way around, but the tooling for calling Julia from MATLAB is less developed (because everyone ends up just switching full time to Julia and so the tools keep getting abandoned :sweat_smile:). GitHub - byuflowlab/Mex.jl: embedding Julia in the MATLAB process. is the most recent one, but I haven’t used it. Or you can use MATLAB to call Python to call Julia, but that’s a mess.


Reading and writing data in MATLAB files from Julia works well[MAT · Julia Packages].(MAT · Julia Packages)

If you can be interactive on the MATLAB end and the Julia end this is a good way to share data.