Is there a function to check if every package in my [deps] has a [compat] entry in Project.toml?

Sometimes, before I publish a new version of the package I accidentally forget that I’ve added a package to the dependencies and forgot to add [compat] entries in Project.toml.

I think I should add a git hook to remind me, but I wanted to check if there’s a simple function that I can use to check for missing [compat] vs [deps].


I’m not familiar with its API (so I can’t point you directly to the function you want), but that’s what RegistryCI.jl does.

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I think that Aqua.jl offers this as one of its features.


I guess you rather want something that can be automated but for interactive use, PackageCompatUI will clearly show if you’re missing some compat and let you quickly correct it.


If your package is already pushed to GitHub and you have setup CompatHelper.jl with workflow_dispatch:, then you can also trigger a CompatHelper run in the GitHub Actions tab to detect missing compat entries.



PkgTemplates.jl sets the GitHub Action for CompatHelper.jl even up as default.

Checking [compat] entries without depending on anything else is literally the function of the CompatHelperLocal.jl package [disclaimer: I’m the author].
Doesn’t require uploading your package to github or registering it anywhere, just run

import CompatHelperLocal as CHL

and get the updated [compat] content if it’s incomplete or outdated. I find it most convenient to append this piece of code to runtests.jl.

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