Is there a config for Pluto?

I know how to set a config item in Julia but it isn’t passing to Pluto, and I don’t see where the config for Pluto is. I tried creating a config and startup.jl in the pluto notebooks folder but no luck.

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What exactly would you want to achieve with this “config”?

You can pass some configuration parameters as keyword argument to the call to

But there is currently no way (as far as I am aware) to execute custom julia code automatically in each notebook you create/open

You could create your own script.jl and include it in the first cell in your notebooks for some use cases

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I wrote a small hack that fixes the Print() function, which only prints the Last item in a list, and wanted it to load before Pluto. It’s useful so I wanted to load it in a config. I guess including it would work, though:

“”“Make PlutoUI’s Print(), print any number of arguments as a vertical list, without disappearing all but the last as it normally does, including numbers and basic vectors. It doesn’t like mixed-type vectors (bad idea anyway), anonymous functions, or complex stuff, but that’s a flaw in string(), not JPrint.”""

function JPrint(args...)
	dummy = """"""
	for arg in args
		dummy *= string(arg)*"\n"


[3, 4, 14]
[“all”, “good”, “dogs”, “eat”, “shoes”]

One important feature of Pluto notebooks (at least for most users) is portability. If a notebook would require a specific functionality in a startup file to work (or to look how it is intended) portability would be lost.
However, I think a startup file would make sense for display / style which is subjective for each user. This could include things like dark mode, cell display width, code before / after cell output, etc., which are all not specific to certain notebooks but rather global preferences.
But this would require a css / JS startup file in Pluto, not a Julia one.