Is the following code using some regression technique?

The following piece of code is from the OpenStreetMapX package. The logic is pretty straightforward to follow. I was just wondering, where is the constant 3.6 from? Does it come from some statistical fittings? Any comments are greatly appreciated.

### Transpose distances to times ###
function network_travel_times(m::OpenStreetMapX.MapData, class_speeds::Dict{Int,Float64} = OpenStreetMapX.SPEED_ROADS_URBAN)
    @assert length(m.e) == length(m.w.nzval)
    indices = [(m.v[i],m.v[j]) for (i,j) in m.e]
    w = Array{Float64}(undef,length(m.e))
    for i = 1:length(w)
        w[i] = 3.6 * (m.w[indices[i]]/class_speeds[m.class[i]])
    return w

3.6 is converting km/h to m/s so could be something with that.