Is possible to develop object viewer in VScode like in Juno/Atom?

I find the object viewer super convenient in Juno

Is the same possible in vscode? Given M$'s acquisition of Github, so Atom’s days might be numbered so just checking.

A workspace viewer is coming:, and I plan to support tree drill down in it (probably before we ship the first version).

VS Code currently doesn’t have the APIs to show an object viewer inline in the code like Juno. But, we are going to add a full notebook UI to the extension medium term, so that might be an alternative.


That’s a shame since that’s such an insanely useful / powerful aspect of Juno. Is there any hope vscode adds this, or anywhere constructive that Julia users could voice our opinions to the vscode powers-that-be that this would be useful? (or would we just be adding noise?)

They were working on an API for it a while ago, but I haven’t seen much progress on it. Unclear to me whether other things became a priority (notebooks) and it is just delayed or whether they gave up on it. I can’t find the issue right now, but there is one somewhere :wink: this one? is the most recent one, afaict.

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