Is Leaflet.jl still maintained?

The last release was in July 2022, and the maintainers seem to have been working on Tyler.jl and other efforts.

I’m curious what the best way to create interactive maps is, these days.

If someone makes an issue with an obvious bug someone might fix it. But no-one is really working on Leaflet.jl as fas as I know. We honestly barely work on Tyler.jl. Devs of these packages all maintain many other packages. It would be great if someone had a specific interest in interactive maps who wasnt already overallocated.

But best to try Tyler.jl for local interactive work, the tile loading is far more responsive than Leaflet.jl and you can use anything from Makie over it.

The key things mising that we need to do is easier reprojection to WebMercator. Currently using reproject from the unregistered GeometryOps.jl is the best strategy.

The other is to shift tile loading to the client javascript when using WGLMakie.jl, then there will be no real reason to use Leaflet.jl as Makie/Tyler is better in basically every other way.

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Hello again, Raf!

Awesome, I suspected that was the case - I haven’t had time to play with it in much detail but ran into some issues trying to overlay polys and heatmaps, but good to know the problem is likely with my approach.

Yes, and I am very thankful for the efforts - I do notice the same names come up repeatedly.

Its likely the problem is our docs :sweat_smile:

I realised what my issue is.

I’m trying to display the map as a web app via JSServe.jl

It works fine via the VS Code plot pane but when served via the browser it thinks it’s a static display. When I try any interaction, it’s like I’m right clicking on an image: