Is it possible to display html in vscode?

I have the following code:

julia> show(stdout, "text/html", res)
    <h3>Charger log(s):</h3>
    <span style="font-family: monospace; color: #270">Message: "No buffer space" not found!</span><br>
    <span style="font-family: monospace; color: #270">Message: "CAN1 Error" not found!</span><br>

Is it possible to show this formatted in vscode?

If you are attempting to display the HTML code in the integrated REPL, the graphical capabilities of VSCode’s REPL are not different from the “standard” REPL, as far as I know. So a couple of possible solutions are (both in or outside VSCode):

  • Transform your HTML code into Markdown (perhaps there’s some package that already does it, I don’t know), and take advantage of the built-in capability of Julia’s REPL to print formatted markdown:
using Markdown
text = """
       # Title

       Text _with_ **some format**

The result is:


  • Or alternatively, look for some package that uses OhMyREPL.jl to give format to HTML code in the REPL (I don’t know if that exists).

With respect to VSCode tools, the integrated notebook is already capable of parsing and showing HTML code:

We don’t automatically use text/html. You’ll need to explicitly opt into using the plotpane for HTML by defining a show method for juliavscode/html.