Is >5 min startup considered slow?

Maybe you could check with Atom so you can deduce if its an IDE or language issue for you.

That’s what I tried then.
Atom made Julia first precompile all packages (same startup folder).
After a fresh start,
0:20: press Enter to start Julia
Starting Julia…
1:00: julia>
1:40: evaluating

Makie TTFP 4 min.
Reproducible stalling.
Back to VSCode.

I personally have experienced slow performance with VSCode as well.

Potential issues

  • .julia/ directory is hosted on a network drive with poor latency (slow).
  • Code tree being used is stored on a network mount with poor latency (slow).
    • Apparently Windows’ file system exacerbates this issue significantly.
    • Precompilation, Julia initialization, and pkg> repl can all significantly be affected.
  • You appear to have a fair amount of complex packages in your environment.
    • I’ve seen this affect VSCode startup time.
    • Definitively bogs down indexing system.
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#2 was it.
Mechanically, I had mounted my OneDrive via RaiDrive (an otherwise helpful tool) instead of working with the local copy.
Now at 20 sec after launch, the fun is back.
Thx to all of you!