VSCode server weirdly slow in SSH

I’m currently using the vscode Julia extension when working remotely on Frontera, a supercomputer (CentOS 7). Recently the extension becomes weirdly slow; when I try to execute a code block, it takes about 1 minute to start the REPL; typing in the REPL can be extremely laggy, and it take 3-15 seconds for a command as simple as 1+1 to finish.

These problems also occur sometimes when Julia is started in bash; playing with plain Julia from bash for a while seems to to able to ease the problem with Julia REPL, probably because of warming-up effects?

The problem occurs with Julia 1.9.0 and 1.6.1.

Any suggestion about what’s going on here?

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Deleting the installation folder and .julia doesn’t help: after doing so and starting with Julia 1.9.0, it still takes more than five minutes to start Julia in bash; and even after Julia is started, typing in the REPL environment is also incredibly slow: it takes five seconds, for example, between ] is typed and the “pkg>” prompt appears.

I’m so confused. That wasn’t the case even two days before. Any suggestions?