iPython in Julia

Is there anything similar to iPython in Julia (not iJulia I suppose).

What functionality do you expect from an ipython equivalent? Julia repl already has some of the capabilities.

IMO Julia REPL is more similar to Python REPL.

What do you mean? iJulia uses the exact same backend as the iPython notebook.

Do you mean qtconsole? There is some discussion of it in the readme for IJulia here. I have not tried to install it, though I do like using qtconsole for data work.

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If you want to use the IJulia kernel on the command line you can use jupyter console:

$ jupyter console --kernel=julia-1.4
Starting kernel event loops.
Jupyter console 6.1.0

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In [1]: 1 + 1
Out[1]: 2

That said, I think that the Julia REPL is close to IPython, and is much more complete than the Python REPL.
It offers autocompletion, integrated help, …


Thank you. It was exactly this what I wanted.

Not working for me:

ufechner@tuxedi:~$ jupyter console --kernel=julia-1.4
Error executing Jupyter command 'console': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

This is on Ubuntu 18.04.

Any idea?

You might need to install jupyter-console, e.g. pip install jupyter-console.
See https://jupyter-console.readthedocs.io/en/latest/.

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Yes, sudo apt install jupyter-console worked!

Thank you! :smiley: