Can you Connect Julia REPL terminal to Jupyter Notebook

Can you Connect Julia REPL terminal to Jupyter Notebook. In python there is something is a command %connect_info that gives you the information that allows you to connect an ipython terminal to an open notebook. Can you do something similar with Julia? I am fairly new to both Jupyter notebook and Julia. Thanks.

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You can simply use the IJulia package, at the REPL do:

import Pkg; Pkg.add("IJulia")

using IJulia


To clarify. I have a notebook that I run. It’d be nice to be able to have a REPL command line that I can then interact with the variables that exist after the notebook is run. In python one way you can do this is with %connect_info and then opening a terminal and connecting to the notebook session. In Matlab the terminal is just connected to their notebook thing. In Julia can you get a console connected to a notebook session such that you can run the notebook and then get a console to further interact with what you have run?


You should be able to do this using RemoteREPL.jl, and following the tutorial example. You can run the @async serve_repl() command in a cell and then connect to it in a separate terminal session. That is the best solution I’ve been able to find so far, at least using VSCode.

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A Pluto notebook is a view of a Julia program in a text file. You can have the program open in any editor, and interact with the notebook that way. You may have a particular reason to use Jupyter, but if not, Pluto has many other advantages.