Introduction to Probability for Data Science: collaborative effort to translate code to Julia

Using the package seems fine to me. The Python code uses a package. We’re using packages in the code for the other chapters, too.

For all the people working on chapters, there has been some discussion of whether to put code inside functions, as is usual for Julia, or to leave code in the global scope, using the same style as the Python and Matlab code. For now, let’s leave the code pieces unwrapped, ok? Assume that the code pieces can be pasted into a newly started REPL which has all dependencies available. Or, executed from VS Code using CTRL-enter.

This effort is nearing completion. Before we notify the book’s author that it’s ready to use, if would be nice to receive any reports about errors or other problems. Please give it a try, if you’re interested, and raise an issue if you find a problem. GitHub - mcreel/IntProbDS.jl: Julia code to accompany