Intro to the Queryverse, a Julia data science stack - tutorial this Thursday

Hey everyone,

@davidanthoff’s tutorial on the Queryverse will stream at

this Thursday (June 14) at 9:30AM PDT/12:30PM EDT/18:30 CET/10:00PM IST! This one will cover Queryverse.jl, a Julia meta package offering tools for data science including Query.jl, Tabular FileIO, and DataVoyager.jl. Hope to see you there!


In addition to being a tutorial to the whole Queryverse.jl stack, I will also show off a whole bunch of brand new things that I added to the Queryverse.jl over the last couple of months. Some of those I haven’t announced widely, so if you are curios, tune in! The big ticket item is a novel grammar of graphics plotting story.

The precise topics I will cover are:


Awesome tutorial! Thanks!

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