Intro to the Queryverse, a Julia data science stack - tutorial this Thursday



Hey everyone,

@davidanthoff’s tutorial on the Queryverse will stream at

this Thursday (June 14) at 9:30AM PDT/12:30PM EDT/18:30 CET/10:00PM IST! This one will cover Queryverse.jl, a Julia meta package offering tools for data science including Query.jl, Tabular FileIO, and DataVoyager.jl. Hope to see you there!

SatelliteToolbox.jl can now read lots of gravity models! And everything is validated :)

In addition to being a tutorial to the whole Queryverse.jl stack, I will also show off a whole bunch of brand new things that I added to the Queryverse.jl over the last couple of months. Some of those I haven’t announced widely, so if you are curios, tune in! The big ticket item is a novel grammar of graphics plotting story.

The precise topics I will cover are:


Awesome tutorial! Thanks!