Interactive 3D Plot with Atom+Juno

Hi! I would like to draw 3D plots in Julia with Atom+Juno. Ideally, the features that I would like from the plots are interactivity (zooming and rotation), transparency of the surface, and that it works with Atom+Juno (not necessarily in the Plot pane). I have tried different “solutions” found on the internet (mainly using Plots and/or PyPlot) but no one gave me the desired result. The problems that I encountered were generally that no interactive window pops up, and/or that the surfaces were not transparent.

If someone could provide me a minimal working example, e.g., for drawing a tetrahedron with transparent faces (a cube would be fine too, but I am also interested in drawing surfaces that cannot be obtained as the image of rectangular meshes, as it is possible to do in Matlab with the function “patch”), I would be very grateful.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Have you considered Makie.jl? It can generate interactive 3D interfaces easily, though it requires OpenGL.

Have a look at some of the examples as well!

You might look into Meshing.jl for creating these meshes as well.

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If you get the impression that any given package should give you interactive plots but doesn’t in Juno, try disabling the plot pane (that’s an option in the julia-client settings) – after that you should get the exact same output as in the REPL.