installing JuliaFEM correctly?

Happy Monday,
I was looking for a less memory intensive alternative (compared to julia fenics) for doing finite element method, so I wanted to try JuliaFEM. As Navier Strokes is not a predefined problem I wanted to define it my self. When adding JuliaFEM it gave me some warning messages. I couldnt paste the testing output as it goes over the caracter limit.
I tried to follow the example of adding a problem but I could not, so I was guessing maybe JuliaFEM is not properly installed? The predefined example problems that come with it though work fine though.

type Truss <: FieldProblem
ERROR: syntax: extra token "Truss" after end of expression
function get_unknown_field_name(problem::Problem{Ginger})
    return "displacement"
UndefVarError: Ginger not defined

 [1] top-level scope at In[17]:1

Ping @ahojukka5

We have an active “support” in gitter: consider asking in there.

Maybe this example could help you:

I think there’s nothing wrong with the installation, ]add JuliaFEM should be enough.

With new Julia 1.0 syntax, type should be immutable struct and if you define a problem Truss, you should use that name also in that function (now you use Ginger why the error is thrown).