Installed ClusterManagers Package Code (slurm.jl) Inconsistent with Latest Repository Version (v0.3.2)

I’m testing a few different “Hello World” examples using the ClusterManagers package for a small SLURM cluster, and it appears that my ClusterManagers slurm.jl file is outdated, despite showing the most recent version. The file is located at ~/.julia/packages/ClusterManagers/7pPEP/src/slurm.jl. As a result, I keep hitting an old bug that has since been fixed (

Pkg.installed() shows that I have the latest version of ClusterManagers, which is "ClusterManagers" => v"0.3.2". However, if you look at the actual ClusterManagers slurm.jl file, it is consistent with an older version that was fixed in v0.3.1. The actual commit is here:

I’ve tried updating the package (to include specifying --minor flag) to no avail. Is there a reason that this file, and overall package, would not be consistent with its reported version?

I’m running the latest version of Julia (1.3.0) on my ARM-based Raspbian OS (Raspberry Pi cluster).

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