Unexpected warn-related error message if jobs don't start on slurm cluster

I am using ClusterManagers.jl to launch jobs on the university cluster. This is what happens if jobs time out

julia> addprocs_slurm(100);
srun: job 1218466 queued and waiting for resources
Error launching Slurm job:
ERROR: UndefVarError: warn not defined
 [1] wait(::Task) at ./task.jl:191
 [2] #addprocs_locked#44(::Base.Iterators.Pairs{Union{},Union{},Tuple{},NamedTuple{(),Tuple{}}}, ::Function, ::SlurmManager) at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.1/Distributed/src/cluster.jl:418
 [3] addprocs_locked at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.1/Distributed/src/cluster.jl:372 [inlined]
 [4] #addprocs#43(::Base.Iterators.Pairs{Union{},Union{},Tuple{},NamedTuple{(),Tuple{}}}, ::Function, ::SlurmManager) at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.1/Distributed/src/cluster.jl:365
 [5] #addprocs_slurm#15 at /buildworker/worker/package_linux64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.1/Distributed/src/cluster.jl:359 [inlined]
 [6] addprocs_slurm(::Int64) at /home/jb6888/.julia/packages/ClusterManagers/7pPEP/src/slurm.jl:85
 [7] top-level scope at none:0

Not sure where the warn is used? It seems cluster.jl:418 is


and t_launch is defined as

t_launch = @async launch(manager, params, launched, launch_ntfy)

I am assuming that the async_launch is failing and raising a warning, but I’m not sure where it’s defined. A grep on the jl files in Distributed returns no result.

Which version of Julia are you using please?
In slurm.jl

if time() > t0 + 60 + np
warn(“dropping worker: file not created in $(60 + np) seconds”)

I think that should be @warn

This seems to fix the issue, now it’s a proper warning instead of an error. This is on julia 1.1