Install Gurobi in Mac JuliaPro

Hi there,

I am a new JuliaPro user in Mac OS. I tried to install/build Gurobi but the error raised as it cannot locate the Gurobi installation. In JuliaPro I cannot do “export GUROBI_HOME=”/Library/gurobi800/mac64" like in the terminal. Then how can I tell my JuliaPro the location of Gurobi?

BTW I’ve already got the academic license of Gurobi and it worked well when I opened the terminal version of Gurobi. The Gurobi version is 8.0.1 and the JuliaPro version is

Thanks in advance!

You just need to set your system environment variable for GUROBI_HOME (if it isn’t already). You can check what it is set to by


You might also be runing into In which case, wait for to be merged and a new release tagged.

If it’s urgent, follow the instructions here (if it works, please report back :slight_smile:):

Thank you for your reply!

Can you tell me where to run the command “ENV[“GUROBI_HOME”]”? In your figure it seems to be run in the original julia> command line, but it showed:

And it also did not work in the pkg> command line.

Another issue is, Gurobi can be well installed and built if I use the Anaconda Julia 1.0.1, since I can easily do “export GUROBI_HOME=”/Library/gurobi800/mac64” there. So I think if it can work fine with Gurobi 8.0.1 and Conda/Julia 1.0.1, then it may not be the issue reported in the link.


The KeyError means that the GUROBI_HOME environment was not set in the shell from which you started Julia. So just set it before starting Julia (probably just add the export GUROBI_HOME=... call to ~/.bash_profile so it’s done automatically).

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