Initialize the julia runtime more than once within C++

I’m trying to create a micro service in C++ that calls julia at each new request. In the first call it works just fine but it crashes with a signal (11): Segmentation fault at the second call. I’ve tried initializing the julia runtime with jl_init, jl_init_with_image and init_julia but the problem remains the same. After every call I exit the julia runtime using jl_atexit_hook(0);. Is there any limitation in starting the julia runtime sequentially (I don’t need multiple julia running at the same time)? Or I am missing something else?

You only need to initialize the runtime once - it’s supposed to be kept around between function invocations. I suggest you do that outside of your request calling logic, since calling jl_init more than once effectively means running julia multiple times at the same time (in the same process - which will break).

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve tried that approach without success. If jl_init happens outside of the function invocation, any call to jl_eval_string raises a signal (11): Segmentation fault. It seems that there is some scope issue happening. Do I need to somehow pass some reference so julia can be called inside a function given that the initialization happended outside?

That doesn’t sound right :thinking: Do you have a minimal example showing that behavior?

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I can understand that happening if the calls are done from different threads, but not otherwise. You can see an embedding example in C with jl_init in a separate function from other Julia calls in GitHub - GunnarFarneback/DynamicallyLoadedEmbedding.jl: Embed Julia with dynamical loading of libjulia at runtime.


Both of you are right. It is working on the minimal example below but not on my actual application.

#include <julia.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <stdio.h>

class JuliaClass
        void initJulia() 
            std::cout << "Started julia runtime.\n";
        void myMethod() 
            std::cout << "\nCalled julia.\n";
        void finishedJulia()
            std::cout << "Finished julia runtime.\n";

int main() {
  JuliaClass myObj;


  return 0;

I’m using gRPC on my actual application and I think that is creating additional threads on the server side that makes it problematic.