Initialize attobot manually?

I am in the midst of finalizing a package. As far as I understand, attobot is the preferable way to get the package registered. Also, as soon as I create a release on GitHub, this will trigger attobot. Is there also a way to trigger attobot manually?

Just a minute ago I was in the following situation: I had activated attobot for my repository, had created a release, and then got the error that the REQUIRE file was missing, see this post. I then pushed the REQUIRE to the repository, deleted the release, just to create it again, which triggered attobot. Is there a simpler way? Is Attobot also triggered if I just pretend to modify the release and save the changes?

What you did is the recommended way, see

Yes, I did it the way I did it because it said so in attobot’s README. I was just curious whether saving a release does the same thing? But I guess it doesn’t, otherwise attobot’s README would be different. :slight_smile: