Attobot / METADATA.jl -- My package fails / Likely dependency issue


I’m developing a package. I just released version 0.3.0 and attobot claims that “Some checks were not successful”. Specifically,

continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr — The Travis CI build failed
JuliaCIBot — Tests passed

I don’t know exactly what “Travis CI” and “JuliaCIBot” are, but one failed and one succeeded. So I click on “Travis CI” and find that the test on Julia 1.0 is the one that failed. Eventually I arrive at this page:

In the end, the error seems to come down to this:

ERROR: LoadError: package Planets v0.3.0 requires a
non-registered package: Statistics

So… I get that Statistics might not be a registered package because it comes included with Julia. Should I just remove Statistics from the REQUIRE file? Is that what I need to do?

Do I need to make a new release to get attobot to try again?

I just want to ask first because I don’t want to end up making umpteen releases while I try random changes in the hopes that one of them will make Travis CI happy.

Yes, you should remove Statistics from REQUIRE.

Then delete the release and tag and make the release again. This will automatically update the PR to Metadata.

Thanks. How do I delete a release? I’m in the “releases” page and I can’t find an option to delete a release.

Nevermind! Found it!

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