Inconvenience due to Code runner

As I am recently learning C, I have installed Code runner to enable me to compile C code on VSCode, but the plugin seems to set the run button in the top right corner to the terminal of Code runner by default. Whereas when I write Julia, (when I press the run button) I want to run it using Execute Active File in Julia REPL from the Julia plugin, there are of course some other languages that are overridden by the default settings of code runner.

My question is whether there is a way to make Code runner’s default changes to the run button only work for C/C++ scripts (I could of course select the one I want from the corresponding options in the run button’s drop-down menu each time, but that’s a bit of a pain). Thanks in advance!

I haven’t used that extension, but if you go to the extension panel, find Code runner, and click on the gear symbol, there is usually an option to “Disable for Workspace”. You could disable the extension for all your Julia projects, and it would probably fix your problem!

If you do more Julia than C, you can also do the opposite – Disable it globally and only enable it for the workspaces where you’re working with C.

Thank you very much for your answer, it is very useful for me!

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Code runner is useless for any language in the long term. Just uninstall it.