Import functions using include in Pluto

My current workflow with Julia involves having one file where I define a bunch of functions, and then I write scripts which look like this:

using Revise
includet(joinpath(@__DIR__, "util.jl"))
# and then I do stuff

I’ve recently started trying to use Pluto notebooks, and it seems that it does not like this. I get the following error:

Tried to reevaluate an include call, this is not supported. You might need to restart this notebook from the main menu.

I tried following the suggestion shown here, but that didn’t work since the functions I define rely on modules which are not defined with using in util.jl (they are defined in the notebook though).

I’m happy to accept that I need to adapt my workflow in order to use functions which I haven’t explicitly defined in a notebook (or in a package imported in the notebook), but I don’t know how (apart from wrapping everything I have into a module, which seems a bit overkill to me).