Developing modules in Pluto?

I am getting addicted to working in Pluto but I still do move functions I have developed in Pluto over into a standard Julia file to incorporate it into a module. Is it possible to also use Pluto to develop the module directly, i.e. that the notebook IS the module? If not yet, could Pluto backend recognise e.g. a notebook as a module and save it to the right place in the Julia structure so that Revise can do its magic?

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I’ll be interested in doing this, too, I believe. Since pluto notebooks are .jl files that can be included, I imagine you could work with notebooks say nb1.jl, nb2.jl and so on and have a file such as:

module MyModule
    include("nb2.jl") # and so on

Would there be anything wrong with that?


… of course you need the different notebooks to be fully independent here – you don’t want them to include each other in various ways. Or you could, but you have to think :slight_smile: