Imagine Julia running on this

Imagine Julia running on this

I hope one day it will. The reason is, as competition increases, this computer which costs millions will come down to 100’s of thousands, then few thousand dollars and can be afforded by individuals. If Julia runs on it, may be we can have present super computer power on our Desktop in say next 10 years. This will open up whole new possibility that is impossible for individuals now.


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Well, my first computer was a Commodore 64. I’m living your dream right now!

(Actually, my first computer was a Casio PB-110, but it was too puny even for its day).


This is my favorite anecdote about the astonishing advances of computer hardware (unfortunately I don’t remember the source, possibly a lecture or TED talk or similar). The person on stage claims:

“I have more computing power in my pocket than the Apollo 11 moon lander… and I don’t mean my cell phone, but the key fob to my car.”


Hardware capabilities are listed in the infobox on the right:

Oh please use it for playing Pong!

While this is all fine and dandy, the real question remains: Will it run Doom?


It sounds nice but unfortunately this reminds me of a laserdisc…