Image manipulation in Julia



I’ve been programming for more than a decade but I’m new to Julia lang and Computer Vision in general. I’ve Julia language, Jupyter notebooks and Juno/Atom IDE environment setup and running. However, I’m finding it difficult to get basic Computer Vision tasks done using Julia lang. Can somebody suggest any Julia tutorials/books for image processing?
Computer Vision courses online either make use of Matlab/Octave syntax or Python or C++ for image/video processing. I’m finding it very difficult to find tutorials to do Computer Vision tasks in Julia lang idiomatic image/video processing. Say for example

imgreen = im(:,:,2)```

The above Matlab code takes the green channel out of the loaded `peppers.png` image. **How can this be done in idiomatic Julia lang without converting loaded image to an array?**



If I remember correctly, I think you can do

using Images
im = imread("peppers.png")
imgreen = map(c -> c.g, im)

to extract the green channel of an RGB image.


imgreen = map(, im) would also do the trick, and is a bit more legible.


You could also do imgreen = (a 0.5-style vectorized “dot call”).


As a site note:

In near future, with the new and shiny images ecosystem, this will be a little nicer still using channelview. see

you can try out the new way by following this discussion:

More documentation for the new ecosystem: