How to see the color layers of an image in Julia

I want to see the layers of color that my image has, in this case it is toy occupying the image of the mandril, and I want to see all the layers of color that that image has.

Can somebody help me?

i played with the docs of Images.jl and this seems pretty good:

using Images, TestImages
img = testimage("mandrill")
 #the point is to broadcast the operation to the entire array
redmandrill=red.(img) #red channel
bluemandrill=blue.(img) #blue channel
greenmandril=green.(img) #green channel

the numbers are a fraction of 255 (normalized between 0 and 1)

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thank you very much friend, I would like to see him as his behavior of the images

Another options is to use the broadcasted version of getproperty

redmandrill=getproperty.(img, :r) #red channel
bluemandrill=getproperty.(img, :g) #blue channel
greenmandril=getproperty.(img, :b) #green channel