IJulia & RISE presentation to PDF

Hi all,

does anyone know the procedure to generate a pdf out of a presentation made with RISE?
I’m using Julia 1.1 and IJulia. I’ve installed rise with Conda.jl using the following command:


Looking at RISE docs there seems to be a pdf exporter. However I’m having trouble accessing it through IJulia.

I thank you for your help.

I guess even exporting pdf of the Jupyter book would be enough :sweat_smile:

“I’m having trouble” is not a useful description of your problem. What happens when you try to run jupyter nbconvert as described in the docs? (Note that you can find the location of jupyter from Conda.BINDIR.) What happens when you simply print to PDF via Chrome as suggested in the docs?


Sorry! I meant I was stuck at point 1 of the RISE docs and didn’t know how to access the jupyter executable. Having access to Conda.BINDIR solved the problem:

using Conda
run(`$(Conda.BINDIR)/jupyter nbconvert --to slides myslides.ipynb --post serve`)

Thank you :smiley: