IJulia/Jupyter Notebook in different language (Russian!) than expected

Hi, all! I’ve been following Julia for years now, but decided to completely dive in just recently. I’m planning to give a talk at my university on using Julia and wanted to show how to use it in Jupyter (it’s in the name!). So I created a new folder, activated a new environment there, added IJulia and said yes so Conda.jl would installed it privately to IJulia. All fine until I opened the notebook and saw that the UI is in Russian!

I’m using Windows and I’m based in Mexico… Any ideas why this might be happening? If I use Jupyter Notebook or Lab from my Anaconda installation, the UI is in English as expected.

So, the reason was really stupid. Just the settings in my Chrome browser. Although, no idea why it’s different with Julia’s installation of Jupyter than on the Anaconda’s.

On the other hand, now I don’t seem to get it to work… The kernel keeps dying :confused:

EDIT: In case anyone reads this in the future, you have to start the notebook from the Julia environment with the dir keyword:

using IJulia
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