Ignore derivatives in ReverseDiff

I want to exclude some functions in my model code from gradient calculations, using @ignore_derivatives from ChainRulesCore. It works with Zygote, but not with ReverseDiff. Here’s a MWE.

using Zygote, ReverseDiff
import ChainRulesCore: @ignore_derivatives

# function to ignore in gradient calculation but not in forward pass
g = x -> x^2

# main function
function f(x)
    x = x'*x
    @ignore_derivatives x = g(x)
    return x

inp = [2.];

@show Zygote.gradient(f, inp)[1];
@show ReverseDiff.gradient(f, inp);

This yields

(Zygote.gradient(f, inp))[1] = [4.0]
ReverseDiff.gradient(f, inp) = [32.0]

which is as intended with Zygote but not with ReverseDiff. How could I make this work in ReverseDiff?