IDE eclipse plugin?

I am new in Julia and would like to work with eclipse. Is there any eclipse plugin available for julia IDE programming? I only found old links to JuliaDT. Is this still working?

Thank you

See this thread: Julia programming on Eclipse Photon - #11 by Christopher_Fisher

That said, I highly recommend considering the Julia plugin for VSCode because that is where the development focus is at the moment. I’m using VSCode for Julia and Eclipse for Java side-by-side at the moment.

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Welcome! I concur with the other poster. VSCode is a really nice IDE for Julia. As far as I can tell, there is no call hierarchy feature, but it does have many features like ctrl+click to go to definition, autocomplete, integrated documentation etc.

Seems like it’s actually possible to implement a call hierarchy in VSCode, so we’ll probably get around to it at some point.