Julia programming on Eclipse Photon

Hi everyone,

I am taking the first steps with Julia. I do almost everything on Eclipse and would also like to program in Julia with it. There is an old plug-in called JuliaDT, but currently it is unusable.

Are there other Eclipse users in the community? What plug-ins do you use? Any Julia specific tips to share?

Thank you.

It appears as though that project is on hiatus or has been abandoned. I’ve been content with Atom, which might be worth trying. You can find the installation instructions here.

Yes, unfortunately the eclipse plugin never got enough users or contributors to be self sustaining. So at the moment you’re out of luck, sorry.

In the intervening years, the VSCode language server has gotten a lot of traction, and I think going forward, re-writing the Eclipse plugin based on LSP is the best option. But we’ve not had the manpower to get it done yet.



Hi Avik,

According to the Marketplace statistics, JuliaDT was installed over 100 times in September. Lack of users does not seem to be a problem. But I understand that without contributors the project can not go forwards.


Hi Christopher,

I have been using Atom the past couple of days. It is still a bit far from Eclipse on overall usability, but I reckon it came a long way since I last gave it a try. As the number and quality of extensions increases, Atom will eventually become a worthy alternative.


Certainly. I agree. I miss features like call hierarchy and ctrl + click to see a function or type definition. Hopefully these small conveniences will be added in the future.

Feel free to open feature requests at the Juno.jl repo.

You should be able to get the Ctrl-Click feature working by installing either

You could also just use the Ctrl-J Ctrl-G shortcut to go to a method’s definition.

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Is this already working for Julia? Maybe I’ve missed something but It appears that there is no language-server implementation for Julia working in Atom and so the atom-ide-ui package is rather useless, right?


which should work fine as long as LanguageServer,jl works.

The packages above do kinda work with Juno though, since Juno provides a Hyperclick handler.

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Thank you. That did the trick!

I guess I spoke too soon. It does not work on my custom functions, but it does work on functions in base julia . Do you by chance know if there is a way to make it work on all functions?

I have been able to get Julia running on Eclipse Java 2018-09. After installing JuliaDT from Marketplace, it was necessary to go into Preferences under the Windows tab. Within Preferences there should be a >Julia choice. Inside Julia, you must set and save Editor, Interpreter, and Template.

Seems that JuliaDT is broken for a recent installation of Eclipse PTP 2020-03, which seems to be a natural place for Julia support out of the box. https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/error/report/5125502

Found a workaround described here: Marketplace Installation problem on recent Eclipse CDT and PTP · Issue #38 · JuliaEditorSupport/JuliaDT · GitHub