iBook G3 Clamshell terminal install


I want to install Julia to a truly ancient G3 Clamshell museum piece iBook. All the binaries for Mac seem to be 64 bit.

It has Ethernet.

The base OS X Darwin shell seems to have curl and can probably make binaries.

The iBook G3 was a PowerPC CPU rather than x86, so getting Julia working on that would be a pretty non-trivial task.

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Thanks for getting back. Yes it seemed ambitious.

I can’t even seem to get C working on it.

It has Perl on it so I am learning that - could be good for my Apache chops.

Alongside that I am wondering what the state of the art was with containerisation. Docker needs too much RAM so that’s not going to happen.

Hey it’s a labour of love and I have plenty computers with Julia on them :joy_cat: