Julia 1.5 installation on MacOS

The download instructions in julialang.org say to install using a furnished .dmg file, but I don’t see it. Where is it?

On the downloads page: Download Julia

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Thank you; I’d visited that page many times but didn’t realize that the “64” linked to a disk image. I was able to install and test Jula 1.5 with my graphics applications successfully.
I want also to install Julia 1.5 in Ubuntu 17 (running in VirtualBox) but the only link I found is to a compressed image that Linux could not open, and the recommended

sudo apt install julia

failed to get a needed lock. Should I ask this a new topic?

You can use Homebrew https://brew.sh

brew install julia

and brew upgrade for updates.


You can use jill on both platforms. I love it. It basically just automates the “download from website and install” part. Super simple.

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Thanks for your reply.
Julia was already installed in my Ubuntu 17 VM running in VirtualBox under MacOS 10.14, but whenever I try to use Gtk,
it crashes Ubuntu hard. The information I found on installing jill said to use
sudo bash -ci “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/abelsiqueira/jill/master/jill.sh)”
I did this in my Ubuntu 17 Terminal and got

Error 404 File not found
But the same URL works in MacOS 10.14.
Other things-- Firefox, editor, and very complicated Python graphics applications-- work perfectly in my Ubuntu 17 VM.
I would appreciate info from anybody who has run Julia successfully in Ubuntu 17. I’m having difficulty installing Ubuntu 20,
but I’ll try Julia in that when I get it installed.